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Hi friends Are you guys looking pertaining to Pythagorean Theorem Example Problems. In this post we have compile interesting pictures about it Use the pythagorean theorem to solve word problems. Pythagoras theorem is basically used to find the length of an unknown side and angle of a triangle.

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Here is what the theorem says:. C = √1250 = 35.35. For instance, the pyramid of kefrén (xxvi century b.

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C) was built on the base of the so called sacred egyptian triangle, a right angled triangle of sides 3,4 and 5. The distance of his current position from the starting point = √18 2 + 24 2 = √(324 + 576) = √900 = 30 m. Problem 1 find the length of side t in the triangle on the left. The area of each square is length x width.