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Hi my friend Are you guys looking pertaining to Rational Numbers Definition For Class 8. Here we will provide interesting ideas about it On the other hand, we can also say that any fraction fits into the category of rational numbers if bot p, q are integers and the denominator is not equal to zero. What is a rational number?

Fresh Ideas - Class 8 Important Questions for Maths Rational Numbers
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Rational numbers are closed under addition, subtraction and multiplication. These solutions for rational numbers are extremely popular among class 8 students for math rational numbers solutions come handy for quickly completing your homework and preparing for exams. If you seek conceptual clarity, watch our concept.

Let us study in detail about rational numbers and their properties.

Get revision notes of class 8th mathematics chapter 1 rational numbers to score good marks in your exams. (ii) there are an unlimited number of rational numbers between 0 and 1. Our notes of chapter 1 rational numbers are prepared by maths experts in an easy to remember format, covering all syllabus of cbse, kvpy, ntse, olympiads, ncert & other competitive exams. Rational number in mathematics is defined as any number that can be represented in the form of p/q where q ≠ 0.